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from admin on 03/20/2017 08:26 AM

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JIMI HENDRIX                       BRUCE LEE                            BOB MARLEY
They may know it or not,you may know it or not but celebrities have a hidden mission on earth.To prove this,watch how the most talented celebrities quickly introduce a culture,belief system or trend and then quickly die.It all began in Revelations 12 when Lucifer and a third of the angels where kicked out of heaven.Lucifer himself can transform himself into an angel of light.Satan is busy anointing his chosen vessels to potray anti-Christ trends and messages on earth as a way of ruling the world through mind-control and deception.The guitar is shaped like a woman,a sexual symbol.Guitarist Jimi Hendrix played live at the late 60s Woodstock concert and many people began to engage in sex orgies right there in public.Today such sex orgies are very common at teen age parties.Jimi Hendrix completed his calling and  quickly departed,contradicting that sex is only for the married couples,it can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere.Bob Marley introduced the Rastafarian movement and religion.They believe that a mere emperor from Ethiopia is the biblical King of kings.The impact of Bob Marley,his great music talent and very false message is still being felt today.Bruce Lee introduced the martial arts to the world with such a force until it became more that a trend,it's like a religion which is worth billions of dollars on the big screen.Aaliyah introduced loose morals and loose dressing.She had an affair with her music producer in her early teens and wore an underwear and a pair of trousers in such a way that the underwear could also be seen by everyone.She did here work of immorality and soon went away.Elizabeth Taylor was married 7 or 8 times.She came with the anti-Christ message of divorce.Innocent young women will think it is a fashion or a trend to marry and divorce so many times because of Taylor.Steve Jobs with the bitten off part of his Apple logo made it seem like Eve in the garden of Eden Eve only ate an apple.This means you can do whatever you like whenever you like because Eve sinned not.A very big mind-control lie.The truth is Eve slept with the serpent which was an upright being,the serpent was cursed to crawl on his belly after all this happened, later in Genesis 3.Barack Obama introduced the most horrid Satanic laws and trends whilst in office,like people allowed to marry animals.This president fought Christ the most out of all the presidents ever in world history.Curt Cobain of the 90s rock group Nirvana committed suicide and convinved America and world that it is okay and the in thing to commit suicide.The bible says cursed is the man that hangs on a tree.This means if you kill yourself God will deal with you for that.Do not kill yourself no matter how bad things get.Talk to someone,find God.Oprah Winfrey runs a new age teachings school that transforms people into "gods" in three stages.Most of us are worshipping or have worshipped these "gods"before,illuminati actors,businesspeople,sportspeople and musicians.Economists call it opportunity cost,meaning you could be making something great out of yourself but you are wasting time worshipping false gods.You cannot teach a fish to swim or to breath under water.Sons of God were born as sons of God.You cannot train people to become gods.Jay Z was called to recruit as many people as possible to the illuminati.ACCESS MORE THAN 160  SERMONS here SERMONS 
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